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The A-Z of Email Design

Learn to navigate your way through the maze of email design. This whitepaper covers three sections of the email design process, including:

  • Planning the email design
  • Creating and constructing your email design
  • Testing and sending your email

The A-Z of Email Design | 0.75 mb

Understanding and Improving Email Deliverability

Without a doubt, the goal of your e-messaging campaign is to reach as many recipients as possible. Yet how can you be sure your email survives the sending journey? This whitepaper will teach you:

  • How to protect your sender reputation
  • How to increase the deliverability of your emails
  • How to avoid being picked up by Spam filters
  • Tips on how to get your email read by your contacts

Understanding and Improving Email Deliverability | 1.1 mb

Strategic Email Marketing

Learn how to create successful email marketing campaigns in five easy steps. You’ll soon be looking at your campaigns in a whole new (more strategic) light.

  • Planning effectively
  • Managing your contact list
  • Designing and creating emails
  • Using automation tactics
  • Reviewing and improving your strategies

BONUS: Read a case study that illustrates just how the above process can work.

Strategic Email Marketing | 2 mb

Growing Your Database

This step-by-step guide shows you how to grow your database, by:

  • Enticing your target audience
  • Continually growing your database
  • Identifying the most effective ways to collect contacts
  • Maintaining your database

BONUS: Read a case study that illustrates just how the above process can work.

Growing Your Database | 1 mb

Planning Automated Campaigns

Make planning your automated campaign easy. This whitepaper includes helpful tips on:

  • Why you should automate
  • When it’s appropriate to automate
  • How to prepare automated campaigns

To help you understand the process, illustrations and examples are shown throughout the whitepaper.

Planning Automated Campaigns | 0.5 mb