Manage Contacts

Simple bulk upload

You no longer need to spend days copying information from another source. Our system will bulk upload your contacts in seconds. Upload any CSV, TXT or Tab-delimited file and choose to have duplicates removed and even exclude previous unsubscribers.

Search for Contacts

Need to drill down into your list and find a specific group of contacts? You can perform a search on your contact list across any number of database fields. For example, show me a list of my contacts who are male, live in NSW and their interests include sports and cars.

Edit contacts

qubeMailer gives you complete control of your contacts which means that you can edit them at any stage. Edit someones contact details, delete contacts, unsubscribe a single contact or start manually adding new contacts.

Generate Leads

Using webforms to capture new contacts is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer numbers. You can easily create and customise forms for every occasion including email newsletter subscriptions, product enquiries, event registrations, surveys and even customer profile updates.

Accurate real time data

Tired of updating your database manually? Get your clients to do it for you. Add an update your profile link to your emails and allow your contacts to update their profiles, preferences and subscriptions.

Manage bounces

Ever received one of those bounce notification emails then had to manually remove that contact from your list? qubeMailer makes it easy to manage bounces in a way that suits you, delete them or deactivate them. Dont spend time managing them one by one, manage your bounces in bulk

Manage unsubscribers

qubeMailer automatically adds an unsubscribe link to every email you send so your contacts can easily opt-out from your future communications. You’ll also have the option to remove previous unsubscribers when you upload your next contact list.

Security and privacy

You’ll want to select an e-messaging platform that you have complete confidence in. Apart from being members for Verisign and Truste, we have a dedicated team and advanced technologies protecting your privacy every second of every day. And just for good measure we’re also GITC V5 compliant.


Reduce the amount of time you spend working on your email marketing by using the qubeMailer API to automate your marketing activities. Use the API to integrate qubeMailer with your website or CRM system such as ACT! or Salesforce.