Business owners

Looking for a cost effective way to acquire more customers, promote your business, and sell more products? Email marketing can help you capture web site visitors, send stunning promotional emails and easily track leads for conversion.

Acquire more customers

Whether from your website, within an email or even from your desktop, using subscriber forms to capture customer details is the easiest way to grow your list of followers.

Promote your business

Connect with your audience by creating stunning looking emails using over 300 free email templates. Smartly connected with many social media sites, qubeMailer will have your business in front of more prospects than ever before.

Sell more

Whether it’s a website enquiry, a link clicked in your email or a forward to a friend. You can easily track this activity and send targeted messages, redirect them to your shopping cart or automatically notifying your sales team.

Design stunning emails

You don’t have to be an award-winning designer to create eye-catching emails. Nor do you have to employ one. You don’t even have to know anything about HTML or email design. We’ll give you everything you need to create a masterpiece.

Boost customer numbers

Using web forms to capture new prospects is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer numbers. You can easily create and customise forms for every occasion including email newsletters, product purchases, surveys, event registration and even customer profile updates.

Social media

qubeMailer has integrated email marketing with social media, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now you can reach a far greater audience than ever before; by connecting to social media in your emails and publishing your messages onto multiple social media sites.

No more spreadsheets!

Create unlimited databases, add custom fields, and even search on variables such as dates, fields and actions. We’ve made it so simple to securely store, share and manage your customer databases that you can say goodbye to spreadsheets forever!

Targeted messages


Greet your customers by their name and deliver messages that have content tailored to their interests, location, purchase history or any other variable. No need to create multiple messages either – the system will drop in the right content on the fly!

Real time tracking


Powerful reports let you see who has opened your messages, forwarded them to friends, and which links they have clicked. Whatever the action you can follow up with specific messaging, have them fill in an enquiry form and automate notifications to your sales team.

Campaign automation

Simple automation tools make it easy for you to keep in contact with your audience so you can get on with more important things, like shopping. Just build and schedule your emails and SMS to be automatically sent for birthdays, anniversaries, multi-part newsletters, appointment reminders or even entire event registration campaigns.

Local knowledge, global understanding

Being an Australian based and owned business since 2001, you’ll have access to years of local market knowledge, case studies, competitor research & resources all within a SPAM compliant framework. No need to worry about international time zones or a support centre based half a world away!

Ready when you are

Being an easy to use DIY email marketing tool you can create stunning emails, connect with your audience and convert them to customers anytime you like. There’s 24/7 access to just about any question you have, and if you get a little stuck, our eco-system of hundreds of creative agencies, consultants and web designers are ready to help.

Stuck for things to say?

Not sure what to write in your emails? We have given you a leg up by pre-populating many of the free templates with example content. Simply select the bits you like and change the bits you don’t.

Training tailored to your needs

To make sure you get the most out of our software, we run FREE interactive online training sessions on a regular basis. Can’t make it to an interactive session? No problem, you can access our on-demand videos instead.

Help is only a click away

No matter whatever you’re working on, most of the help you’ll ever need is only a click away – on demand videos, an extensive knowledge base and printable PDF’s. If you really get stuck, call us for a helping hand.