Reporting Spam

How can I report Spam?

If you believe you have received spam please let us know. We will look into your complaint further and take action where necessary.

qubeMailer Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is a serious issue. Read about our approach to Spam and how we action your complaints in our Anti Spam Policy.

Why you might have received a possible Spam email:

  • You gave a representative of the business your business card.
  • You bought a product from that business.
  • You subscribed to another list that shares your email address with other partners, service providers, advertisers, etc. This action could have been mentioned in their privacy policy.
  • You subscribed to that businesses web site and don’t remember doing so.
  • Someone else subscribed you because they thought you would be interested in that business, however they forgot to let you know.
  • You may wish to read more about the Spam Act on the ACMA Website.

Have you unsubscribed?

If you believe a qubeMailer account holder has sent you Spam, we encourage you to contact the sender directly to make sure you are removed from ALL their mailing lists. Keep in mind that the business may be sending emails from more than one database.